which fish lives longer in aquarium

In this article we will discuss about which fish lives longer in aquarium ?

When i was reading an article it was mentioning that a gold fish had lived for around 45 years. I was curious about it and gone through so many sites. In which i came across a website named www.oldest.org . It was mentioning about oldest fishes in it. According to their information a gold fish named Goldie survived for around 45 years .

According to gold fish its life span mentioned is 10 -30 years. This doesn’t means that the fish should die the next day of its 30th birthday. Consider the case of our humans. Doctor says that this man will live for maximum 10 days. But cases had shown that the man still leaves but the doctor passed away. So in general we cannot give an answer to the question “Which fish lives longer in aquarium”

I will just mention the life span of few common aquarium fishes.

  1. Betta Fish – 2-3 years
  2. Molly Fish – 4-5 years
  3. Zebra danio fish – 5 -7 years
  4. Cat fish – 7-15 years
  5. Gold fish – 10- 30 years

This is the normal life period of an aquarium fish. If the water ,filtration, food every thing is bad the gold fish which should live for 30 years will die in 1 day. So the life of a fish depends on so many cases ,as the water quality should be good, good filtration system, good food, good immunity power etc . If we can maintain all these and if their is luck the gold fish can live for more than 30 or 40 years .

i will also mention here some of the oldest aquarium fishes survived in the world.

  1. A black pacu fish named buttkiss lived for around 43 years in an aquarium at New York.
  2. Gold fish named Goldie lived for 45 years in an aquarium at UK
  3. A sturgeon fish named Herman having age 80 years is still alive in a fish hatchery at USA
  4. Methuselah is the oldest living aquarium fish reported having an age between 85- 90 years.

So from all these examples we can conclude for the question “which fish lives longer in aquarium” that it cannot be determined by us it depends on the conditions arranged for the fish ,luck and of course god if he is deciding nothing else to say.

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