Aquarium tiger barb fish care and breeding

In this article we will discuss about aquarium tiger barb fish care and breeding.

Tiger barb Puntius tetrazona in aquarium

In case of male tiger barb fish compared with female the tail end, mouth , fins will be more colorful. Color of female fish will be less compared with male fish. Female fish stomach will be bigger size.When we are purchasing tiger fish try to purchase 3 to 4 pairs. Try to add plants in aquarium tank. Tiger fishes loves plants and maximum time they  move in the bottom side of the aquarium.

This fish can be kept along with other fishes. It is a community tank fish. They can be kept along with guppies ,platy fishes etc. There is chance of eating guppy fries , so take care. We can give live feeds and dry feeds to this fish. They eat all kind of pellet foods.

Tiger fish breeding is very much similar to zebra fish breeding. When eggs are laid they eat their eggs. They lay around 100 eggs per breeding. Befor breeding the fishes should be conditioned. The male and female fishes should be kept separate for at least 10 days. Give them good quality foods and live foods. Try to give atleast 3 times for the fishes .Then only we get good result.

When the fish are put together try to put them in a breeding cage. Otherwise lay metals in the floor of tiger fish aquarium. So that the eggs will go in to the gaps, and they cannot eat the eggs. When eggs are are laid try to add a little methylene blue in to the tank. So that when eggs are laid it will not get fungus attack.

 Normally with in 2 days they will start laying eggs. When they start laying eggs with in 12 hours it will be completed. Shift the parents to other tank. We can identify that by when eggs are laid the female fish stomach will become flat .Also after laying eggs within 2 days you can see the babies sticking in to the wall of tanks.

When the fishes start free swim we can give infusoria and artemia for the fish. After 1 week or 10 days we can start feeding them moina culture.

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