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Which fish lives longer in aquarium

which fish lives longer in aquarium

In this article we will discuss about which fish lives longer in aquarium ? When i was reading an article it was mentioning that a gold fish had lived for around 45 years. I was curious about it and gone through so many sites. In which i came across a website named www.oldest.org . It […]

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Aquarium water Pump external

Details about Aquarium water Pump external Filter

Filtration is the back bone of an aquarium. If proper filtration is not there the life of fishes and other animals will be miserable. In this article we will discuss about a simple aquarium water pump external filter. We will introduce a simple hang on filter(aquarium water pump external) here . Compared with other hang […]

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Aquarium Fish Medicine

Aquarium Fish Medicine

In this post we will discuss about common diseases and aquarium fish medicine Before starting the treatment we should have a knowledge about the disease which fish is having. We will do filtration systems, lighting etc for fishes but we donot much care about their diseases. In normal case if any disease comes we will […]

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aquarium fish

Different types of fresh water aquarium fish

Aquarium fish keeping is an old hobby . Still it is in the top 10 list. Every one loves fishes and like to keep them in their home. Fishkeeping is best hobby same as that it is a toughest one also. If we are not having a good idea about keeping aquarium fish it will […]

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