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Hi friends in this article we will discuss about a name which is now more familiar in aquarium industry- “Sobo”. Sobo aquarium filter are becoming more popular now a days. Also their filters are in very demand now a days.

Zhongshan Songbao Electric Co., Ltd is a company formed in year 2005. It’s two main brands are called Sobo and Tian Run. They are actually manufactures of aquarium, submersible pumps, air pumps, filters, heaters, UV anti-bacterial products, filter media and aquarium cleaning products.

In this article we will review about some of the popular products of sobo.

Sobo Aquarium Filter

Sobo aquarium filters are having good demand online. Different types are available in market now

  1. hang on filter. They are small filters attached to the aquarium tanks

2. Top filter . In top filter the filter will be set on the top and the pump will be set inside the aquarium.

3. Internal filter. In this system the pump and filter system are all inter connected and placed together.

Here i am sharing some of the best sobo aquarium accessories available online. A separate blog i had return about selecting the right filter for your aquarium . Check it out .

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