Tank mates of aquarium parrot fish and their breeding,care and food

In this article we will discuss about Tank mates of aquarium parrot fish and their breeding,care and food.

Parrot fishes originated in taiwan at a place called taipei in the year 1980. This is an artificial fish made of two types of fishes named Midas fish(male) and red head cichlid fish(female). They donot have any scientific name. They are considered as a family of cichlid fishes.

They are a community tank fishes , they are having high price in market. Different types of parrot fishes are there – Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue etc . In most of the pet shops we will be getting red parrot fishes. Red parrot fish is also called blood parrot fish.

Parrot fish temperature varies from 21 deg to 27 deg. The water should be neutral for them.ie, Ph should be 7. They will grow upto a size of 10 inches. This fish is an aquarium pet because they can identify their owners from other people.The life span of parrot fish is from 10 -15 years.

For an adult breeding pair they require a minimum of 250 ltr water. Adding soil or granules in the bottom of aquarium is good for them. Placing drift woods or big stones are good for parrot fish breeding, because their is chances for the fish to stick its eggs to the wood or stones.

Otherwise we can go for clay pots etc because parrot fishes lay eggs on hard surfaces. If you are planning for breeding then we should provide an aeration system and a heater inside the aquarium. They will lay eggs only in their suitable water.

Identifying male and female parrot fishes are difficult. The anal fin and dorsal fin of male fish will be pointed type. Same will be curved in case of female fish. The breeding tube of female fish will be bigger compared to male fish.Male fish head looks bigger compared to female fishes.If same age parrot fishes are selected male fishes will be little bigger compared with female fish. Color of male fish will be brighter compared with female fish. During breeding period you can see fish cleaning the surface area, That will be male fish and fish which lay eggs will be female.

This is an omnivorous fish .So that we can feed insects, live feeds etc, When providing pellet foods try to give them branded foods , now foods are made specially for parrot fishes. Otherwise it will affect their breeding.

Parrot fish tank mates are tetras, zebra fish, angelfish, and catfish.

Parrot Fish Breeding

We can do 2 types of breeding. Natural breeding and artificial breeding. Here we can discuss about natural breeding. When selecting fish for breeding the size of fish should be minimum 6 inch and also the female fish size should not b bigger than the male fish. Put them in a separate tank for breeding. Their should be small pvc pipes and clay pots in the fish tank . They love to hide inside the tanks. Parrot fish breeding is a little similar to flower horn breeding

Parrot fish eggs

An adult fish will lay 200 to 2000 eggs in half an hour. But the chances of it getting fertile is very less. Female fish will stick the eggs to the hard surfaces of clay pots, drift woods etc and male fish will do the fertilities procedure. The parents will take care of parents. But their should not be shortage of food for the parents during this time. Otherwise they will eat their eggs.

When eggs are hatched shift the parents from the tank , their is chances of parents eating the fries.Try to give live feeds like artemia for the first week and after that small feeds can be given.

Here we are listing the best parrot fish food

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