Tank mates of Neon tetra fish and its breeding and care

Hello friends in this post we will discus about Tank mates of Neon tetra fish and its breeding and care.

Neon tetra is a cool minded as well as active fish. Comparatively good looking and best suggestion for beginners. Neon tetra fish is available in almost all shops. It is a community fish. When purchasing try to purchase 5 to 6 pair, so that when they move as a group in aquarium it will be attractive.

Its temperature is ranging from 22 deg to 25 deg Celsius. The ph for this fish is from 5.5 to 6.5 . The life span for neon tetra fish is 5 to 6 in aquarium, in pond the life span is from 10 -12 years. As this fish is loving darkness try to set the tank or aquarium away from sunlight and also if we are setting light for aquarium try to reduce the brightness of the fitting and keep it in a medium range.

Male and female identification is simple. Compared with female male fishes are slim. For male fish from head to tail a straight line will be there. Female will have a blending around the center of fish.

Neon Tetra breeding  

They are egg laying fishes. So that there is chances of fish eating their eggs. Put some live plants like java moss in the tank. Maintain the water temperature. They will start the breeding in the early morning period. You will be able to see eggs in the floor and also in the plants. So when eggs are laid move the breeding pair from the tank. The fish tank need to be kept in dark places. Then only the eggs will get hatched fast. After 36 hours the eggs will start hatched. For2 days do not feed the fish.

 When eggs are hatched for 1week try to give infusoria or egg yolk. After 1 week we can feed brine shrimp, powdered food etc. After 1 month we can give almost all types of food. Chances of disease is less for this fish. Diseases occur only when the water quality is bad or bad quality food is given.

We can give moina, artemia, artemia flakes, blood worms etc. for the fish as food. Its maximum size is 2.5 cm When tank for this fish is set try to add good aquatic plants. Try to keep woods or rocks inside the aquarium. Because these fishes love hiding spots

Almost all types of tetra fishes can be kept along with neon tetra fish.Also guppy fishes,molly fishes,platy fishes can be considered as tank mates of neon tetra fish.

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