Types of molly fish – Breeding ,care and food

Hi friends in this post we will discuss about Types of molly fish – Breeding ,care and food .

Red molly fish

Similar to guppy fish mollies are also having increased demand in market. Different types of mollies are available in market now. Compared with our old molly fishes new mollies are not having much immunity power.

They are live bearers and gives good amount of fries. When we are setting up tank for mollies try to put maximum live plants in tank . They will eat their baby fishes. So the plants will be a hiding place for baby fishes. We can give fish foods like moina and other live foods. They will eat almost all kind of fish foods. Giving artemia for this fish on business base is not profitable.

In the initial breeding we will get 10 to 20 fishes. After 4 to 5 set of breeds we will get 50 to 100 fishes. They can easily be put in community tanks. The life span of fish is 3 to 6 years. Whenever we set an aquarium mollies are also a part like angel fish ,gold fish etc.

The temperature requirement for the fish is 22 -28 deg celcius. So that rainy season will not affect the fish. So it is a good fish for south india states. This fish is classified based on its color, body shape and tail. We can identify fish based on their fins, body shape and behaviour. In case of balloon molly it is difficult.

Even if our male fish is dead our female fish has the capacity to store sperm. So that till it ends the female fish will give birth. So chances of cross fishes chance is there .So try to grow these fish varieties separate.

Incase of breeding the mollies in breeding cage, try to make bigger size breeding cages compared with guppy breeding cages. When fish fries are produced daily around 3 times we can feed the fish.

There are different types of molly fishes available . In which few are

  1. Black Molly fish
Black Molly fish

2. White molly fish

white molly fish

3. Baloon Molly Fish

Balloon Molly Fish

4. Panda Fish

Panda Molly Fish

I hope this article was an informative one. If you have any doubts ,comment here.

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