Aquarium koi carp fish breeding , care and food

Hi friends in this article we will discuss about AQUARIUM KOI CARP FISH BREEDING , CARE and Food.

It is a very good fish for beginners. Almost all aquarium shops will be having this fish. In aquariums it s life span is 20 years and in pond it is 25 years. All type of fish foods can be given. Around 3 feet is the maximum length.

Try to avoid live plants in koi tank. Because they will eat the plants. Main advantage of koi carp fish is that due to good immunity attack of diseases are very low. Almost all fishes can be kept as its tankmates. Gold fishes are the best company for these fishes. These fishes recognize their owners easily with in few days.

If we are planning to put koi carp fish in aquarium try to make bigger size aquariums. Also filtration is must .As this fish eats more food , waste production will be high and chances of ammonia formation in tank is there. Weekly 20 % water change and monthly full water change need to be done. If unable to do the water change on correct period then also no issues. It can survive in almost all water conditions.

Koi Carp Fish breeding , care and food

Breeding of koi carp is same as that of gold fish. For breeding we can select 1 year aged fishes. Its breeding ratio is 2:1 , for 2 male 1 no female .The gender identification of fish is male fishes will be slim compared to female fishes.

Spawning mops should be set in the tank for breeding. It can be made using plastic ropes. The best time for setting the fish for breeding is evening time. By morning the eggs will be sticked to the spawning mops by the fishes. In the morning shift back the parent fishes in to old tank. Remove 2/3rd of the water from the breeding tank and add fresh water as same qty removed.

After 48 hours the eggs will be hatched and fishes try to start swimming. Give artemia as food for first week .After that we can go for small pellete foods.

We can also go for induce breeding. For that we can inject a medicine called Wova _FH hormone . For a 2kg fish 1 ml need to be injected. Medicine should be kept in fridge all time. Injections should be done in the muscle below dorsal fins of the fish.

Wova- FH hormone

i hope this video was informative for you. Please comment if you have any doubts.

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