Details about Java Moss Aquarium Plant

In tihis article we will discussing about a beautiful aquarium plant called Java moss.

java moss aquarium
Java Moss

It is a hardy plant. It belongs to the family Hypnaceae. It is suitable for all types of fishes. It will survive in almost all temperatures. Growing this plant is very easy. The origin of this plant is from south east asia.

Java Moss Aquarium Plant require low lighting for growth. Ideal temperature for moss is 15 – 28 deg .Ph of water from 5.5 to 8 is ok for the plant. It can be easily grown in to shapes. If you want to grow it on a lava rock or drift wood. Take small pieces of the plant and tie to it . Moss will easily grow and attach to it.

Java Moss Aquarium plant do not have roots. It will take nutrients through its leaves. Cleaning of the plant is easy. We can remove the rock or wood piece where moss is fixed from the aquarium and clean it and keep it back.

java moss aquarium plant

It is a fresh water plant. So if you want to make your aquarium beautiful purchase java moss and fix it in your aquarium. To remove algae from the plant we can use cherry shrimps and other algae eaters in to the aquarium.

The plant will absorb ammonia and nitrate more compared to other aquatic plants. By doing this the survival of fishes will increase .When keeping the Java moss aquarium plant keep them near to filter unit or air pumping units where their is a slight water movement. Otherwise debris and other things will get collected to the plant and will be difficult to clean the plant.

They are suitable for breeders and shrimp culture. Incase of breeders the fish fries can hide inside the plants. Shrimp love to live with this plant because they eat the algae formed in the plant.

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