Here we will discuss about java fern plant and care.It is a very popular aquarium plant. Its scientific name is “Microsorum pteropus”. It  can be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Northeast India and China. This plant is widely used due to its unique shape and ease of care.

Maximum size of this plant is 13-14 inches. Its ph level is between 6 – 7.5. it can be placed in the middle or backside of an aquarium. This plant grows in tree trunks, stones and found mainly on streams and waterfalls.

Different variants of this plant is now available in aquarium shops. You can see narrow leaf, needle leaf, trident and windelov. The leaves are hardy and shapes depends on the different types of plants.

Java Fern Plant Care

Java fern

Why people love to have java fern is ,This plant doesn’t require much c02 for its growth. Much care is not required for this plant. Not require any substrate or nutrient for its growth. Do not give high lighting to this plant, its leaf becomes brown.

It can be tied up to tree branches or stones for growing in aquarium. Never bury the plant in soil or substrate it root growth is horizontally, if buried the growth will be less or even the plant may die. When tying to the drift wood try to use thread or similar color to wood. Otherwise it will be easily visible when you place it in aquarium. You can also use cable tie, fishing thread, rubber band etc according to your availability.

Java fern maintenance

java fern maintenance

It is a no care plant. It is a slow growing plant. Once it is adjusted to the water conditions it will grow easily .If kept freely it will grow like bush and gives a dense feeling in the aquarium.

The plant will take nutrients through its leaves. Also they don’t have any true roots. So there is no requirement for any substrate or soil for the growth of plant. If you want to enhance the plant growth you can add fertilizers, try to give liquid fertilizers during the water changes as they are absorbing through their leaves.

I will answer some common questions seen in internet about java fern here

  • How do you care for a Java fern?

 It is a no care plant. It can survive almost all water conditions. For fast growth you can go for liquid fertilizers

  • Can I plant Java fern in gravel?

This plant doesn’t require substrates for its growth. Also they don’t have any true roots. So if you plant them in substrate they will start decaying.

  • Why is my Java fern dying?

 Java fern will take some time to adjust with the conditions in the tank .So what we see initially that the plant is not growing.Also we can add liquid fertilisers for its fast growth.

  • How long does it take for Java fern to attach to driftwood?

As this plant do not require substrate it can be tied to drift wood or rocks. Normally it will take minimum 3 to 4 weeks for the java fern plant to attach to the drift wood.

  •  Will goldfish eat Java fern?

Java fern plant is a hardy plant. Gold fish will not eat the java fern.

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