Is hydrilla plant in aquarium a floating plant

Hi friends in this topic we will discuss about aquarium flower plant named hydrilla and also is it a floating plant or not

hydrilla plant
Hydrilla Plant

Scientific name is Hydrilla Verticillata. Hydrilla originate from tropical asia. They are found in korea,india and parts of asia.In its natural habitat it is considered as a beneficial plant.

How can we recognize this plant. They dip completely inside the water . The leaf’s are grown on equal intervals on the nodes. The plant is very soft. The leafs are small and the stem will be in green color. They will grow faster are having roots which move in to the sand.

For beginners this is a good plant to grow in aquarium. This plant don’t require much care compared to other aquarium plants. In low lighting also they will grow in good condition. Water condition is not an issue for the growth . They grow around 1 inch per day. Minimum 5 to 6 feet this plant will grow.

If we are getting a small piece then also it can be easily grown. No roots are required in that plant piece. It is said that several vitamins and minerals are there in this plant .

Hydrilla in Aquarium

hydrilla in aquarium
Hydrilla in aquarium

Hydrilla in aquarium is suitable for guppies, zebras etc. The algae formed in the plant are eaten by these fishes. Its leaves are also eaten by gold fishes. If we are planning to breed egg laying fishes like gold fishes. We can put this plant in it. The fish will lay eggs in the leaves of this plant. It helps newly born fish fries to hide from their parents like guppies, zebras ,tetras etc.

Drawbacks of hydrilla aquarium plant is because of its fast growth the aquarium will get fully packed by this plant. So fish movement will be very difficult. So cutting of plants need to be done periodically. Some people says that due to its fast growth the fishes are not getting its oxygen properly. Do not keep the aquarium having hydrilla plant close to sunlight. The algae will be formed fast and the aquarium glasses also will become bad.

Is Hydrilla a floating plant

As already mentioned it grows in the bottom of the tanks . It has roots .Its growth size is around 5 to 6 feet . Some people ask is hydrilla is a floating plant or not. The people ask this because they are found large in the streams of water floating and moving above the water. This can be because the plants could have broken or damaged at the base due to any fish attack or something like that and the branches would have floated to the surface. This may be the reason people ask “is hydrilla a floating plant”

Hydrilla Flower

Hydrilla Flower

Hydrilla flower is good looking. Some times in our aquarium we will be able to see the flower grown in it . I am having a cement tank keeping guppies and Platy fish . In it i had rarely seen hydrilla flower.

Because of its rapid growth so many issues had occurred in the world. if we are putting it in to our big ponds and lakes. it will grow faster and reduce the fish population in them, also reduce the water flow in canals . So never put those plants in any rivers or lakes.

I hope this article was informative for you all .Please comment your concerns.

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