Home Made Aquarium Partition or AQUARIUM DIVIDER

In this article we will discuss about Home Made Aquarium Partition or Aquarium Divider.

Aquarium Partition

We all will be having aquariums, some have big and some have small aquariums. The main issue we all face is space for a new aquarium if we purchase new set of fishes or space for keeping the new fries or separating some aggressive fishes like flowerhorn, fighter fish etc.

Here we will discuss how to do aquarium partition or Aquarium divider. We can do the partition by using aquarium glass as well as partition mesh.

We will discuss about drawbacks of aquarium glass partition first

  1. While doing the partition we will have to take extreme care. Chances if wear and tear.
  2. When we are giving aeration to the tank ,aeration will not be available to the second tank
  3. if we are planning to do heating of the aquarium , heat will not be uniform

Benefits of mesh aquarium Partition or aquarium divider

  1. Chances of wear and tear less
  2. It is unbreakable. Low cost
  3. No issue of aeration , the air will pass through the holes.
  4. No issue of heating , uniform heating will be there.
  5. If we are breeding live bearers the fish fries can easily separate from the parent tank and be safe.
  6. You can keep fighter fish and other aggressive fishes separate in this aquarium partition.

Ok lets start how to do this.

Aquarium Partition mesh

First we will have to arrange 1 inch or 2 inch width glass piece or acrylic piece(height should be same as that of aquarium). Purchase mesh partition from near by hardware shops or you can use mosquito nets having bigger holes (thickness should be there). It should be the width of your aquarium. Next we will have to purchase aquarium glass divider clips. This you can purchase form amazon. Click here to purchase from amazon. A little glue is also required to stick the mesh to glass or acrylic piece.

Aquarium Divider

First we will have to stick the mesh to the 2 nos glass or acrylic piece . While sticking do not cover the entire area of the glass piece . Otherwise it will be difficult to fix glass divider clip in it. Now keep it for some time to get set. After it is properly stick take the partition clip and fix it in both sides of the glass or acrylic sheet. Now place the set entirely in to the aquarium. As the clip is having a sticking sucker cup in it so it will get tight and stronger.

Now our work is finished. Our aquarium divider| aquarium partition is ready .I hope you got an idea from this how to fix the partition. Read about betta fish breeding also . Try it and comment here your experience.

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