Types of gourami fish – Breeding, caring and food

Hi friends in this article we will discuss about gourami fish types, breeding, caring and food. Familiar fishes for us will be giant gourami ,kissing gourami etc . Gourami fishes are easily available in pet shops.

Dwarf Gourami Fish

Gourami fishes are coming from asia. Around 133 species are recognised . In which few are mouthbrooders means they keep eggs in their mouth and hatch and other few which we are familiar forms bubble nests for laying eggs.

These fishes takes air from the surface of water similar like fighter fish. So that air pumps are not required. They eat almost all foods given to other fishes. So their maintenance cost is comparatively low. As temperature and quality of water do not affect this fish much any beginner can try keeping these fishes.

These fishes are semi aggressive fishes. They show this during their breeding period and also if some fishes enters their territory. If the aquarium tanks are bigger in size their is no issues.

Blue Gourami fish Breeding

Blue Gourami Fish

First we can identify the female fish. Its dorsal fin will be curved and its stomach will be budged. Incase of male its dorsal will be pointed and compared with female it will be more beautiful and colorful.

First we can add female fish in to an aquarium tank. After 1 hour we can add the male fish also in to the aquarium . Female fish will take at least 1 hour to get set with the tank. Next we will have to put a plastic sheet in the aquarium tank for the fish to lay eggs.

The egg laying is very similar to betta fish or fighter fishes. You can see the blog here about the fighter fish breeding. In that post we had mentioned in detail about the plastic sheet laying etc.

Put a small hiding place in the aquarium. Because when eggs are laid by the female gourami fish, the male will start attacking the female. For the female to hide we have make small hiding place like rock piece or pvc pipe etc.

Now the male will set bubble nest below the plastic sheet we had put. After that the male will start chasing the female and hug it to lay eggs. After female had laid eggs the male will move these eggs to the bubble nest.

After all the eggs are laid by the female it will start to eat the eggs. The male will chase the female and attack her. If we are not providing any hiding spots the male will definitely kill the female fish.

Most of the fishes are breeding by making bubble nest. It includes blue , dwarf , honey , snow white , pearl , neon , moonlight gourami etc

Giant Gourami Fish

Giant Gourami will lay eggs by using plants and make a nest for laying eggs.

Chocolate gourami will put eggs and keep it in their mouth and hatch the eggs and release the babies.

Kissing gourami is one of the popular one in their group .

After 1 day the eggs will get laid and fishes will start free swim. You can start feeding them. By the second day we have to separate the parent fishes from the tank. For a single breeding we will get around 500 babies.

Kissing Gourami

I hope this article was informative for you. If you have any doubts. Please comment. We will get back to you

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