Types of aquarium gold fish breeding care and food

Hi friends today we will discuss about types of aquarium gold fish breeding care and food

Everyone will be eager to know about gold fish breeding. Here we will discuss about the simplest method to do the gold fish breeding.

Gold fishes can be divided as fancy gold fishes and normal gold fishes. Normal gold fish life span is 10 -12 years. There was gold fishes lived between 25 to 40 years. Two types of feeds are available for gold fishes. Floating feeds and submerged feeds. Although gold fishes are more interested in live feeds.

Gold fish is not an aggressive fish so that the fish can be kept in a community tank.

Breeding of gold fishes can be categorized as

  1. Natural breeding
  2. Hand breeding
  3. Hormone injected breeding

In which the simplest method is natural breeding. Here we will discuss more about natural breeding.

When selecting fish from shop or farms its health , size and having bigger size fins should be selected. The fish should be atleast 1 year old for breeding.

For 1 female fish ,2 no male fish . This is the ratio for breeding. How we can identify male and female fishes. For male fishes their will be white spots in the gills side. Male fish body shape will be flat, female body shape will be bigger or bulged  near stomach side. Male fishes will be a lengthy body shape and female will be short body type.

white spots

By lightly pressing the stomach side if it is producing a white liquid from there we can confirm that it is a male and if it is producing eggs we can confirm that it is a female fish. If nothing is coming out do not put that fish for breeding. This fish would have not matured or proper feed is not given for fish. For that we should give atleast 20 days live feeds like moina, artemia etc

After 20 days again check the stomach side by pressing if liquid or egg is coming. From that we can finalize that fish is ready for breeding.After confirming male as well as female gold fish we should separate them for atleast 10 to 15 days. We are doing like this to increase the success rate in breeding.

Also for breeding as said earlier we are putting 1:2 ratio around 10 male fishes for 5 female fishes.Try to do the breeding of fishes in the evening time like 5 to 6 pm. Add water in the tank or tub . Introduce the male and female fishes in to it. Add plastic strips or introduce the fish to high populated plants area.

This fishes will start mating in the morning time around 5 am to 10 am. They will lay eggs and stick it to the stripes or plants there. If eggs are not laid wait for 3 more days. If no eggs are laid shift back males and females in to their tanks.

After eggs are laid take an aquarium and add a little methylene blue in to the water and put the eggs in to it. After 3 days the eggs will be hatched and fries start free swim. During that time remove the plastic strips or shade net whatever is used. Give a proper aeration system in to the tank. After free swim we can give artemia or infusoria as food for gold fish fries. Try to give live feeds as much as possible. Avoid over feeding if you don’t have live feeds.

Types of Gold fish

  1. Oranda Gold fish

2. Ranchu Gold fish

3. Bubble Eye Gold fish

4. Normal Gold fish

5. Fan tail

I hope you got an idea about gold fish breeding. Try to read about betta fish caring

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