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Hi friends ,in this article we will discuss about Flowerhorn fish types, care, breeding, food etc.

Flowerhorn fish

Flower horn fish is not like any other fishes. It is made by cross breeding with many other fishes. They are pet fishes and are called one of the best tamed fishes. They will come to us while feeding and will have food from our hand. This fish is much attractive due to its kok called as nuchal hump. This hump is seen only in male fishes and only 60% of male is having only this hump.

Flower horn fishes are around 20 types . The life span of flowerhorn fish is from 10 -12 years. Flowerhorn fishes are mainly interested in live foods. It is better to give shrimps, blood worms and frozen artemia for its fast growth. In this article we will discuss about 2 types of fish food which enhances the color and increase the hump of flower horn fish.

Flower Horn Breeding

We can discuss about flower horn fish breeding. Male fishes will have hump on its head. Female fishes will not have hump. And female fishes will be smaller compared to male fishes. While breeding the water condition should be good. Also an air filtration should be provided . Biological filtration is good for breeding fish. In the end of post i will share the product link for your reference.

credit – monster fish keeper

Minimum 1 year is required for the breeding age for the fish. First we will have to separate the male and female fish in separate glass tanks. Both the fishes should be facing each other. The female fish should be smaller than the male fish and its age also should be 1 year plus. When female fish is set we can see that in the back side their will be a small vent in which a small tube can be seen. This is the perfect condition for fish breeding.

A clay pot will have to be placed in the male tank for the breeding. These fishes are aggressive fishes. The male and female fishes will attack each other. Also with in 3 months the male and female fishes start to attack. we will have to separate them.

Flower horn fish breeding

When the female fish is put in to the male tank with in few hours eggs will be laid. For female fish laying eggs will be in the clay pot or other pots as earlier mentioned. When eggs are laid the male fishes will sit in the clay pot and do the fertilization. Now we will have to move the female fish back to old tank. The male fish will sit on top of the clay pot till the eggs are hatched. Eggs will start hatching from 42 hours time .

With in 3 to 4 days the eggs will get completely hatched. Flower horn fries are bigger compared to other fishes. So that we can give artemia from the starting period itself.

Getting flower horn fishes as breeding pairs is difficulty. The price also will be higher. Male fishes itself will cost around Rs 3000. It is better to purchase small fishes and grow it for 1 year and do the breeding. 1 inch flower horn fishes will cost only Rs 75- 100 only.

Flowerhorn fish food for head growth

So many flowerhorn fish food is available in market . As breeders information Ocean Free FH-G1 Pro Head Fish Food, Qian Hu Humpy head and Okiko platinum head huncher are best . These foods increase the color of fish and helps in growng hump of the fish.Already in market fake foods are also available. In case of okiko the pellet size will be same in the packet and also bottom of the cover will be transparent. This foods you can give weekly 5 days . But you will have to give minimum 2 days for live feeds . How many day you can give live feed it is better. I will share some live foods products also here for your reference.

flowerhorn male fish

Feed only 2 times a day .Feed only which the fish will consume in 3 minutes time. Otherwise ammonia will start generating in tank due to fish food and chances of fish death is there.

If you are having short body flower horn feed them less food only otherwise their is chance for swim bladder disease.

Flowerhorn fish types are as follows –

Kamfa Flowerhorn
Zhen zhu Flowerhorn
Red Texas Flowerhorn
Golden Base Flowerhorn
King Kamfa Flowerhorn
Kamfa Malau Flowerhorn
Thai Silk Flowerhorn
Golden Monkey Flowerhorn
King Kong Parrot Flowerhorn

You can also try for hikari foods,tetra bits etc .But for better growth go for pro head,humpy head and platinum head food .

Also try for these live foods for fish

I hope this article helped you get a basic idea about flowerhorn breeding. Please share your comments here if you have any doubts. Also read about angel fish breeding

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