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Dear Team in this article we will discuss about fish aquarium vastu direction .

I had gone through a video in YouTube of a famous fengshui consultant – Suresh .S about aquarium keeping . As per his information about fish aquarium Vastu direction in YouTube i am telling the details here .

Using 5 elements fengshui is balanced.

  1. Earth
  2. Fire
  3. Wood
  4. Water
  5. Metal
aquarium vastu

If we are taking a house and converting it in to 9 columns . As per fengshui theory these 5 elements are included in this 9 columns. Wood element is located in east. Metal is located in west. North side water and fire on south direction. If the elements are in correct positions their will be growth in the family .Otherwise their will be loss in the family.

Water is located in the north side. If we are keeping an aquarium with 9 fishes or a water fall in the north side of our living room ,their will be growth in our job as per fengshui. Unknowingly if we are keeping an aquarium in the south side of our living room it will give us losses. The location of south is for fire. Fire gives us name, victory, recognition etc. When we keep water in the south direction the fire becomes weak and we will have losses.

Is Aquarium good for Vastu?

Yes Aquarium as well as a waterfall located in the north side is good for Vastu.

Which fish should be in aquarium as per Vastu?

As per vastu and fengshui arowana fish, flowerhorn fish is best .9 fishes should be kept in an aquarium . Gold fish is also recommended

Which direction aquarium should be kept?

The aquarium should be kept in your living room towards north east side.

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