Different types of fresh water aquarium fish

Aquarium fish keeping is an old hobby . Still it is in the top 10 list. Every one loves fishes and like to keep them in their home. Fishkeeping is best hobby same as that it is a toughest one also. If we are not having a good idea about keeping aquarium fish it will end to a tragedy.

So in this article we will discuss about different types of aquarium fish available online. I will distinguish the fishes in to beginners, intermediate and expert. So by reading this article you will get an idea about fish keeping and also you can select your fish accordingly. I had classified all these fishes based on my experience. For other peoples it will be different

Beginner Fishes

  • Guppy fish
Guppy fish

It is the most popular fresh water aquarium fish. They are live bearers. They originated in north east south America. When planning for breeding guppy fish collect at least 2 to 3 pairs (if for sale purpose) .

They do not require much care related to other fishes. Try to add aquarium plants .So that when babies are born they can hide in the plants. Guppy fishes eat their babies. Different types of guppy fishes are available in market. Elephant ear or dumbo ear is famous in them .

They will have all types of foods. Try to give artemia for fries for atleast 10 days . This will give fast growth .To know more about guppy fish click here

  • Molly Fish
molly fish

Molly fish are very similar to guppy fishes. They are live bearers. When setting up molly fishes add enough live plants in tanks. They will eat their fries.

The temperature required for keeping the molly fish is 22- 28 deg . Different types of molly fishes are available in market. They are differentiated based on color, body shape and tail.

If you want to know more click here

Gourami fish

gourami fish

Gourami fishes are native of Asia. They are similar to fighter fish . They take air from the surface of water and lay eggs in the bubble nest.

They will eat all types of fish food in the market. Breeding gourami fishes are really profitable. We will get good amount of babies with little investment.

For more details click here.

Neon tetra Aquarium fish

neon tetra fish

They are very active fishes. They moves as a group ,so try to purchase 5 to 10 pairs. Then only the aquarium looks beautiful. They are available in different colors.

Its temperature is from 22 deg to 25 deg Celsius. Life span of this fish is 10 -12 years. Ph for the fish is 5.5 to 6.5 .

They are also egg laying fishes . So try to keep parents away after laying the eggs. In the case of tetra fish the eggs need to kept in a dark place.

We can give infusoria for the fries and egg yolks . When fries grow we can feed artemia. You can read more about Neon tetra here

Zebra Danios Fish

zebra danios fish

It is a fresh water fish having good regenerative capacity. If we are purchasing those fish we will have to buy as 5 to 6 pairs because they are schooling fishes. They moves as groups also if we are purchasing 1 or 2 pairs they will not be visible in the tank due to its small size.

They are egg laying fishes. Temperature requirement is 18 -25 deg c. Ph should be 6.5 to 7.2 . It is an omnivore’s fish have both veg and non veg food.

We will get 200 to 300 eggs from each pair. Try to give infusoria and artemia for fish fries in the starting periods. To know more click here

Tiger Barb fish

tiger barb fish

Tiger barb fishes are small fishes suitable for beginners aquarium fish. They are egg laying fishes. They are plant loving fishes. So try to add more aquarium plants in the tank.

They lay around 100 eggs. Tiger fish eat their own eggs. So breeding these fishes can be done in a breeding cage .

Try to give infusoria and artemia for babies. It is better to shift the parents once they had laid eggs. To know more click here

Betta/Fighter Aquarium Fish

betta fish

They are very beautiful fishes and available in all pet stores. Feel sad about this fish because shops are keeping them in small containers ,glasses etc. They are having high immunity against diseases and sustain all type of water conditions.

There breeding is entirely different. The male fishes will make bubble nest and female will lay eggs on it. The eggs are taken care by male fishes. Female fishes are removed after laying eggs.

Fries can be given infusoria, artemia etc. Betta fishes loves live feeds. They are available in different colors and having good rate also in market. To know more click here

Intermediate fishes

Gold Aquarium fish

gold fish

They are the most beautiful fishes in the aquarium. Gold fish life span is 10-12 years. There are different types of gold fishes available in market in which oranda and red top fishes are very famous.

Gold fishes have food from the top of water. They love pellet foods. To know more click here3

Angel Aquarium fish

angel fish

They are the silent fishes in an aquarium . They moves slowly . Because of their slow movements and beautifulness they are called as angel fishes.

Male and female identification of angel fishes are difficult. So if you are purchasing from aquarium shops try to purchase 3 to 4 pairs. Now aquarium shops are also providing paired angel fishes also.

They will lay eggs on tiles , pvc pipes ,aquarium walls etc. You can either hatch the eggs along with parent fishes or you can hatch them in separate tanks. In normal breeding you will get around 500 to 1000 fishes.

Best feed for fries are artemia. Without artemia do not go for breeding of angel fishes aquarium fish. Artemia only increases the survival rate of angel fish fries.

To know more about angel fishes you can click here.

Koi fish

koi fish

It is very common fish available in all aquarium shops. They can be grown in aquarium as well as ponds . Their Life span is upto 25 years.

They will survive in all water conditions and have good immunity against diseases. Avoid plants in koi tanks ,they will eat or destroy the plants.

We can give pellet foods for koi fishes.

For more information click here

Black moor Aquarium fish

Black Moor

They are hybrid variety of gold fish with black color and big eyes. They can grow upto 10 inches.

They are having low vision problem. So that try to avoid any wooden logs, stones in aquarium . Also try to feed them separately in community tank, because of its vision and slow movement other fishes will eat the food fast.

Donot put these fishes in bowls because they are high waste producing fishes ,due to high ammonia they will get died fast. For more information click here.

Expert fishes

Flowerhorn Aquarium fish

Flowerhorn fish

Flower horn fishes are produced by cross breeding with other fishes. They are called tamed fishes , they will get company with their owner fast.

Life span of flower horn fishes are around 10-12 years. The price for flower horn are depended on their hump and color. We can give shrimp for growth. Online feeds are also available in market now for hump growth.

To know more about flower horn fishes you can click here

Discus Aquarium fish

discus fish

Discus fishes are the most beautiful fishes in the aquarium. Also the challenging fish to take care. They moves as a group in the aquarium. Clear water is a must for discus fish keeping and breeding.

There breeding are similar to angel fishes . They will lay eggs on cones ,aquarium walls etc. To maintain the color and health we will have to give high quality foods like tetra bits etc.

A specialty in discus fishes is there fries . They will have food from their parents body after hatched. For 3 to 4 days no other foods is required .To know more about discus fish click here .

Parrot Aquarium fish

parrot fish

Parrot fishes are from Taiwan. It is an artificial fish made of Midas fish and Red head cichlid fish.

There temperature variation is from 21 – 27 deg .Life span is from 10 -15 years. Ph should be 7. They require hiding spots inside the aquarium. They are egg laying fishes. They spread there eggs in hard surfaces like stone, drift wood etc

They try to eat their fries so shift the parents when the eggs are hatched. They require high quality foods otherwise their health and color will be lost.

To know more click here

Oscar Fish

Oscar fish

Oscar fishes are very colorful fishes in the market. They are famous for their body prints. Breeding and keeping oscar fishes is a difficult job.

Temperature required for Oscar fish is 23 -27 deg Celsius. Ph should be maintained between 6 to 8 .They love to have prawns, live feeds like blood worms etc.

The major thing to be considered for Oscar fish is water changing. Proper water changing need to be done other wise the fish will get diseases. To know more click here.

I hope reading this all of you got a basic idea about common fishes available in our market. I will not say that the buy fish, do breeding and make money in weeks. It will take time for us to study about each fish ,breeding ,caring, feeding etc. Some times the fishes may die. So try to go with beginner fishes at first.

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