Details of fish food available online for all types of aquarium fishes

Dear all in this article we will discuss about aquarium fish food online.

Fish food

Food is the main part of our life. For this we are all living . Depending on us there are different types of foods. dry food, grilled food, cooked food, veg food ,non veg food etc. Having all these food in a mixed way our health will be ok and we will be strong to survive against diseases.

This is same for all animals ,fishes etc. Hope those living in the wild may be getting different types of food. But those living in cages or aquariums . Are they getting these foods. We are regularly giving a common meal purchased from market and feeding them for months and complaining that my fish is not healthy, my fish color is gone etc.

So in this article we will discuss about various types of foods available in market and what type of feed need to given for fishes.

We can divide the fish foods as 7 types


Flakes fish food

It is made from fish and plants . Mixed with vitamins and minerals. It is best for those fishes which is having food from the surface.

2. Crisps

Crisps fish food

It is of same ingredients as flakes. But they are smaller than flakes. Suitable for small fishes and have trouble biting the flakes.

3. Granules

Granules fish food

Have a slightly different formula compared with flakes. They decompose faster. Suitable for fishes that eat from bottom of the tank.

4. Pellets

Pellets fish food

It is mixed with various nutritional substances for fish. It is easily digestible and suitable for all fishes. Some types float on the surface of water.

5. Discs/Waffer

Discs fish food

Made entirely from plants. Some of them have added vitamins for extra energy. Preferred for fresh water, salt water , catfish ,algae eater etc.

6. Frozen Dried Food

Frozen food

Can be kept for long period of time. Suitable for those that require natural food.

7. Live Foods

Blood Worms

The best live foods are considered to be blackworm, Daphnia, Artemia etc.Live foods are best for big fishes, hunter fishes etc .

(Data Courtesy – Ornamental fish 78 youtube channel )

Ok i think now you got a brief idea about types of fish foods .Now we can discuss about special foods for each fishes

Fighter fish food / Betta Fish food online

Fighter fish food online

Betta fish also called fighter fishes are low maintenance fishes. They can survive even in a small glass. I feel very sad seeing them in small glasses in pet shops. Betta fish breeding is really easy . Ok leave it, here will discus about betta meals.

In my opinion the best food betta fishes have is live foods like artemia, moina, daphnia etc. As the fish is carnivorous they require high protein foods to maintain their health. But one condition this can be given for the betta fish maximum 3 to 4 days in a week . Other days we will have to give them with other types of foods like flakes and pellets. Here are some of the best foods available online.

Flowerhorn fish food online

flowerhorn fish food
Flowerhorn fish food

Flower horn fish is called lucky fish like arowana fish. It is called like that because according to Chinese belief if any bad things happens to us the fish will take the responsibility and die for us. The price of flowerhorn fish depends on its head size , if small rate will be low. We can put arowana fish and Oscar fishes along with flower horn fish. When putting fish in aquarium try to put only 1 fish in a tank. Otherwise they will fight till the death of one fish.

Best meals for flowerhorn fish– They love to have live fish foods. Shrimps are their favorite food. Flowerhorn fish food for head growth – shrimps are the best diet. This also increase the color of the fish. Flowerhorn fish food for head growth- now foods are available online also. Normally we give “Okiko platinum head huncher” . It is an affordable price it will come as 100 gram packs costing around Rs 240 only.

If you want to know more about this fish click flowerhorn fish

Flowerhorn not eating

Some times people say flowerhorn fish not having its meals. In my case also it happens some times. In my case i already informed that i am giving “okiko ” food it is a little bit heavy size . For 2 months old fishes if we put the “okiko” ,some times they will not eat we will have to crush it and give to the babies. So that they will have the food. Here i will list Flowerhorn meals for head growth

Arowana Fish food online

arowana fish food online

If we are buying arowana fish of size 4 to 6 inches we can train the fish to have all types of fish foods. There favorite meal is live fish. Normally people gives shrimps, guppies, small fishes, worms etc. Some people say that giving gold fish is very good for the fast growth and color of arowana. As these are all costly if we are buying arowana below the size mentioned we can train them in pellet food. I will tell you how we can do it.

First we will have to take shrimps 3 to 4 pieces and remove its head and tail. Cut it into small pieces and fill the shrimp with pellet food. Give this food for 3 to 4 days. After 2 days try to avoid feeding them . You need to check whether fish is ok . After 2 days give them this pellet food only. It will start eating this food.

For fast growth live food is the best solution. I will mention here some best arowana fish foods available online.

Guppy Fish food online

guppy fish food
guppy fish food online

Guppies are now the most popular fishes in town. Now more than 500 types are available . They are getting more popular because of its rapid growth and reproduction . As like any other fish they also love live feeds. You can give them moina, artemia, daphnia ,microworm etc. I had made a detailed blog about how we can produce live meals. You can check the link here. If you want to know more about guppy fish and their breeding you can check here.

Here i will mention some Guppy fish foods online .

Oscar fish food online

Oscar fish food
Oscar fish food online

Oscar fishes are also live food lovers like arowana and flowerhorn fishes. You can give them the same live foods like shrimp, small fishes etc . Oscar fishes are very beautiful fishes and can only be kept along with arowana, flowerhorn fishes. Otherwise they will eat other fishes. They are beautiful due to its markings in its body. Some of the best Oscar fish foods available online are

Angel fish food online

angel fish food online
angel fish food online

Angel fishes are a part of any aquarium. They love to have live meals . Frozen foods like artemia,blood worms, etc are their favourite foods. When planning for angel fish breeding keep stock of artemia eggs before starting. Here are some angel meals available online

Discus fish food online

discus fish food online
Discus fish food online

i hope in the fishes listed most caring required fish is discus fish. A small tress in the fish can result in its death. So almost care is required for discus fish. If you love to do discus fish breeding it is a highly profitable fish. The best discus meal available online are

Gourami Fish food online

Gourami Fish food
Gourami fish food online

They are best fishes to breed on low cost . They will give good amount of babies. A small care need to be given during breeding. You can read gourami fish breeding here.They eat almost all types of food available .I will suggest gourami meal online are

Parrot fish food online

Parrot Fish food online
Parrot fish food online

They are the loveliest fish in the world. They are artificially made fishes. If you want to know more about these fishes you can click this link.Parrot fish breeding. Here i am listing best parrot meal available online.

Molly Fish food online

Molly Fish food online
Molly fish food online

They are similar to guppy fishes . They can easily be grown and they reproduce very fast. Compared to guppy price is very less but price has increased good due to the availability of hybrid molly fishes. If you want to read more about molly fishes you can click here – Molly fish breeding. They will eat almost all types of fish foods available . Try to give them more live foods. This will increase their size and also increase in fries.The best molly meal available online are

Koi fish food online

koi fish food online
koi fish food online

They are very beautiful fishes from japan. They are vegetarian fishes .They will eat vegetables ,bananas etc. If you want to know more about koi fish click here. The best koi meal available online are

Gold fish food online

Gold fish food online
gold fish food online

Gold fishes are the heart of an aquarium fish. It is the most sold fishes. They are available in different colors and types. To know more you can check this blog. Gold fish breeding. The best gold fish products available online are

I hope reading this article had given you a small idea about the types of fish foods and foods for each type of fishes.

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