Details about Aquarium water Pump external Filter

Filtration is the back bone of an aquarium. If proper filtration is not there the life of fishes and other animals will be miserable. In this article we will discuss about a simple aquarium water pump external filter.

Aquarium water Pump external

We will introduce a simple hang on filter(aquarium water pump external) here . Compared with other hang on filters its water pump is located outside the aquarium tank. Benefit of this filter is that the pump is located outside the water. So if any short circuit occurs to the pump no issues will happen to the fish inside the tank.

The packet will be having 4 parts

  1. Motor
  2. Filter system
  3. water inlet connection pipe
  4. Upper Cover.

First we will have to connect the motor to the filter system assembly . After that water inlet connection pipe can be connected . Hang the aquarium filter in to the side of the aquarium. Add water to the fliter system externally . After that switch on the pump . To avoid water splashing outside an upper cover is given to cover the top area. A flow rate control valve is connected in it to adjust the water flow.

Benefits of this system are

  1. A good amount of oxygen is getting in to the tank.
  2. Ultra low power consumption motor is used
  3. Good water circulation inside the aquarium and filtering the aquarium.
  4. Filtration system is a combination of mechanical, chemical and biological system. So eliminate the ammonia content in the water to a certain extend.
  5. Pump connection outside the aquarium. So chances of short circuit is less.

Drawback of the system

  1. Suitable for only small aquarium systems

A sponge filter is placed inside the tank .Weekly cleaning of the same need to be done for the efficient working of the filtration system. Try to keep the filtration system away from aquarium plants. Leaves can enter the filter system and chances of getting blocked.

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