All your doubts about Christmas Moss- A complete guide

In this article we will discuss about Christmas moss.

Christmas moss

It’s scientific name is Vesicularia Montagnei. In Japanese it is called Brazilian Willow Moss. It is from the family Hypnaceae. It is a fresh water plant.

Why it is named Christmas Moss

Have you seen the fir tree(Christmas tree) . From it this moss got its name. Similar to that it grows as overlap . It will not grow as vertical but grow as sides . So it gives a beautiful look as Christmas tree.

It is available in almost all Asian countries . We can easily grow the Christmas moss in a drift wood or hard surfaces like lava rocks etc. We can tie it directly to them . It is not a fast growing plant. So that if we are keeping it under low or medium lighting the growth will be low. So it is better to give them a bright light. Also if are providing bright light we should give good co2 also.

Java Moss

It is a perfect hiding place for small fries and fishes. We get confused with java moss. They are having almost same appearance .But they are completely different. Christmas moss price is higher than java moss. So go to good aquarium shops to buy Christmas moss otherwise we will get cheated giving us java moss .

If we can check our surrounding we can easily collect a Christmas moss. It normally grows in small streams. It can also be found on submerged branches and stones in water.

As informed earlier it is a freshwater plant. So it will not survive on salt water conditions. it was found that the Christmas moss are found mostly in small streams. This is because their is water movement. So if you are keeping it in aquarium, keep them where their is good water movement, especially towards the filter side.

Main drawback of Christmas moss are

1. Algae Formation.

This can be due to so many reasons like excess nutrients, extra lighting and even low co2 etc. So if algae has grown fast it will be difficult to remove the algae , which itself can disturb the plant.

2. Turns in to brown color

The plant start to change in color and get destroyed. As plant grows its old parts will start decay . If we do not cut the old leaves or branches it will destroy the entire thing. So proper pruning is required for keeping Christmas moss. Try to do this at least 3 to 4 times an year.

To avoid all these for a limited period we can introduce shrimps and snails into our aquarium tank. They will clean the debris formed due to melting and also the algae formed over the plant.

Crystal Red shrimp

I recommend few fishes like cherry shrimps, Crystal red shrimps, Otocinculus, Bristlenose Plecos in your aquarium. They all love eating algae. So that your Christmas tree will be maintained well.

I hope this article had given you an idea about the Christmas moss . If you have any doubts you can comment here. I will get back to you.

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