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Java fern plant care


Here we will discuss about java fern plant and care.It is a very popular aquarium plant. Its scientific name is “Microsorum pteropus”. It  can be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Northeast India and China. This plant is widely used due to its unique shape and ease of care. Maximum size of this plant is 13-14 inches. Its […]

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amazon frogbit care

All about Amazon frogbit care and seeds

In this article we will discuss about amazon frogbit care and seeds. Amazon frogbit is a hardy plant. It is an easy to grow plant. If we are adding this plant to our aquarium tank it will suck the ammonia and nitrite in the tank and increase our water quality. By this life span of […]

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java moss aquarium plant

Details about Java Moss Aquarium Plant

In tihis article we will discussing about a beautiful aquarium plant called Java moss. It is a hardy plant. It belongs to the family Hypnaceae. It is suitable for all types of fishes. It will survive in almost all temperatures. Growing this plant is very easy. The origin of this plant is from south east […]

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Christmas Moss

All your doubts about Christmas Moss- A complete guide

In this article we will discuss about Christmas moss. It’s scientific name is Vesicularia Montagnei. In Japanese it is called Brazilian Willow Moss. It is from the family Hypnaceae. It is a fresh water plant. Why it is named Christmas Moss Have you seen the fir tree(Christmas tree) . From it this moss got its name. […]

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