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Flowerhorn fish

flowerhorn fish types, food ,breeding and caring

  Hi friends ,in this article we will discuss about Flowerhorn fish types, care, breeding, food etc. Flower horn fish is not like any other fishes. It is made by cross breeding with many other fishes. They are pet fishes and are called one of the best tamed fishes. They will come to us while […]

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Black Moor

Black Moor Gold Fish Breeding and about tank mates

In this post we will discuss about black moor fish also called black moor gold fish. About its caring breeding and about tank mates etc. Black moor is a fish with black body and balloon like eyes. It is one of the best hybrid variety of gold fish. If also its eyes are big ,they […]

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gold fish

Types of aquarium gold fish breeding care and food

Hi friends today we will discuss about types of aquarium gold fish breeding care and food Everyone will be eager to know about gold fish breeding. Here we will discuss about the simplest method to do the gold fish breeding. Gold fishes can be divided as fancy gold fishes and normal gold fishes. Normal gold […]

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betta fish

Betta fighter fish types, care and breeding in fish tank

In this article we will dicuss about Betta Fish/Fighter fish care and breeding. Betta fish is also known as fighter fish. They are from asia . They live in ponds and small streams. These fishes are active during day time and sleeps in the night. Male betta fishes make bubbles using their mouth to make […]

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Angel Fish

Breeding and caring of aquarium angel fish

In this topic we will discuss about angel fish- types, caring, breeding ,feeding etc Angel fishes are a major part of an aquarium. They are not like any other ornamental fishes. They will not get paired like other fishes if we put a male and a female. They will get paired automatically. Also they will […]

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Discus Fish

Breeding and care of of discus fish in aquarium tank – Aquarium Pro Online

Hi friends in this article we are going to discuss about discus fish care and breeding Discus fish are one of the most beautiful fish for aquarium. Discus fish are the most challenging fishes to keep and care. They require clear water for surviving. So if you are going to buy discus fish arrange proper […]

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zebra fish

zebra danios fish breeding in Aquarium Tank – Aquarium Pro Online

Hi, Friends in this article we will discuss about a community fish named zebra danios fish and its breeding. Zebra Danios Fish – General Details Zebra fish is also named as zebra danios fish. It is a fresh water fish. It is said that this fish has regenerative capacity that means if any injury occurs […]

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guppy fish

All About Guppy Fish

The Guppy fish is also named as million fish and rainbow fish. It is one of the most popular fresh water fish. Guppies do not lays egg, it is a live bearer. Guppy fish originate in north east South America. It is now found all over the world. It get used to almost all types […]

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