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Hi friends in this article we are going to discuss about discus fish care and breeding

Discus fish are one of the most beautiful fish for aquarium. Discus fish are the most challenging fishes to keep and care. They require clear water for surviving. So if you are going to buy discus fish arrange proper filtration system.

They may grow up to a size of 18 cm. So we require bigger size tanks to keep the fish. They are schooling fish means they move as groups. They are peaceful fishes. They can be kept along with other fishes.

The life span of discus fish is from 10 -15 years. Discus fish are nocturnal. In the morning and day time these fish are not very active. They are less shy and comfortable at night time.

Following things need to be considered before breeding a discus fish

  1. Breeding pair

When female lay eggs and male fertilize it. After the fries are released then only we can confirm it as a breeding pair. So, while going to aquarium shop ask them whether it is a confirmed pair or not. People will share pics showing that the fish had layed eggs. From that we cannot confirm because the female fish will lay eggs. But will not hatch. So this is a major point. Otherwise go for purchasing minimum 10 pieces. From that you will get a paired fishes.

When a pair is confirmed like angel fishes they will stay in any corner of tank. They will lay eggs in the aquarium walls, pipes or any items in your tank. They will lay eggs in every 8 to 10 days.

If your planning to breed discus fish in an aquarium try to cover all 3 sides with a white cover or sticker. This will give a privacy for the fishes. Try to place a heater and a sponge filter inside the tank.

Try to keep the aquarium in a corner area where traffic is less. If the fishes get stressed due to outside movements there is chance for fish eating the eggs. Normally they will lay 150-200 eggs.

2. Breeding cone

You can go for a breeding cone which is available in market. So that fishes will lay eggs correctly in the cone. Otherwise go for 2 to 2 ½ inch pvc pipe which can be kept inside the tank vertically. It should not be like we keep for angel fish breeding. They require only a vertical surface for laying eggs.

3. Water parameters

The TDS(total dissolved solid) value of water should be below 100 ppm .  This will be right for the better hatching . For this you can mix both ro water and borewell water to maintain this.

When all these are set discus fish breeding. Both fishes will start to clean the surface where they are going to lay eggs. After cleaning the surface with in 1 day they will lay eggs and male will fertilize the eggs. It will take 1.5 to 2 hrs to complete this process.

 After laying the eggs if the eggs are not properly fertilized they will eat the eggs. For 2 to 3 times if they are repeating this in future egging time also try to cover the eggs with a small cage made of mosquito net or breeding cage material.

After laying the eggs the fishes will start to blow air in to the eggs. This is to avoid  any fungus attack to eggs. You can add methylene blue in to the water to avoid the fungus attack. If eggs color changed to white we can confirm that they will not hatch. So the same day itself try to add some methylene blue in to the aquarium tank.

A little bit of the medicine is only required, as it gives a small blue colour to the water. When adding the medicine remove the sponge filter from the tank. Put an air stone inside the tank. Try to clean the tank every day and change the water a 10 % daily. It is good for fries health.

Discus fish food -Give the Discus fish good care and high protein fish foods. Because the parents will be in stress during the breeding periods. When eggs get hatched the babies will start moving. The first food for the babies are from parent bodies . For this the parent fishes move towards the fries. The babies will get in top of body of the parent fishes. If the babies are not able to do it chances of the survival is less. The food from parent body is called body slime.

It is a beautiful view,  for some time the babies will go to the mother parent body after few time it will go to father parent body. After 3 to 4 days you can give the fries live brine shrimp . Now the TDS level of water can be bring back to normal TDS between 100 -200. Earlier we had done it was for breeding purpose only.

When fish are grown up in to bigger size the fishes start to bite parent fish body for body slime. By that time body slime would be finished. In this time we can shift the babies to another tank

I hope this blog was useful for you. Kindly share your information with us.

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