Black Moor Gold Fish Breeding and about tank mates

In this post we will discuss about black moor fish also called black moor gold fish. About its caring breeding and about tank mates etc.

Black moor is a fish with black body and balloon like eyes. It is one of the best hybrid variety of gold fish. If also its eyes are big ,they have low vision. When the fish reached its optimum growth it will be having size of 10 inches. The life span of black moor is from 6 to 25 years.

By getting aged its color starts to decrease. If it is grown in hot climate or under sun light its metallic color can be maintained well. Its color depends on water quality and temperature. In younger age it will be same as gold fish. When becoming bigger size the color changes to black and eyes also will change.

For beginners it is a good fish for breeding. It will sustain in almost all conditions. Do not try to grow this in big fish ponds . Try to grow in cement tanks or small tarpaulin tanks because of its low vision.

When you are purchasing them from aquarium shop ,you should confirm that it is not having any eye problems. Because it will spread disease to other fishes easily. For a 2 inch pair of fish it requires minimum 40 ltrs of water.

One major concern is do not put these fishes and gold fishes in bowls. Because of their high waste producing the water will get contaminated easily and oxygen level in water will decrease and even cause death of the fish. Also try to avoid putting sharp objects inside the tank .

Aerator is a must for gold fish and black moor fishes. Try to clear 20% water once in a week. Black moor will have all types of foods used by gold fishes.

Compared with other gold fishes it is a very slow fish. Due to its slow movement when we feed food all other fishes will eat fast. So that black moor fish will not get enough food. So special care need to be taken while giving food to black moor.

Male fish will have white spots in their gills. Otherwise we can identify by behavior. Male fishes every time will chase female fishes for eggs.

Normal gold fishes breed dring rainy season . But they breed during spring season. The breeding is very much similar to gold fish . If you want to know more i will share the link for gold fish breeding. Check it out . Black moor will eat their eggs fast. So try to shift the parents or try to do breeding only in heavy planted aquariums. Also in case of feeding ,do not over feed this fish.

The tank mates for black moor fishes are mainly gold fish, Mollies, Neon Tetras, Cherry Barbs and Zebra Danios

So i think this post was informative for all of you. If you have any doubts. Please comment.

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