Aquarium top cover making

Aquarium top cover

Hi friends here we will discuss abot aquarium top cover making. I was checking online for aquarium products online. Everything is available online. Except one thing – Aquarium top cover. In this post i will give a brief description about making aquarium top cover and also some youtube videos with low cost materials

I had gone through some youtube videos on how to make aquarium top cover in which 3 to 4 types of videos were interesting. I will share their link and give a small description

  1. First video is shared by “Prasadam art and tech” youtube channel. In this video the materials they had used are foam board,flex glue and a blue colored cloth. I hope it is the best and simple video

2. Second video is shared by “New milan Aquarium” youtube channel. In this video he is not mentioning exactly what material is used. On seeing i think it is pvc ceiling sheet. He is also mentioning that he can make it for you if you give the size details and courier to you. Here is the link

3. Here the youtube channel name is “V4Media”. Here he had used foam sheet and flex glue. He is also ready to sell the products. In his video he has shared the amazon link to the products he had purchased for doing this

4. Here youtube channel name is “kuttetanz thattikootalz“. This is also very much similar to other top covers but here he has used forex sheet for the work. Here is the link

5. Here i am sharing a video of a small talented girl who made the aquarium top cover using thermocol. Here is her video

If you have an idea you can make a aquarium top cover easily.

I hope this article had given you a small idea about making a top cover by yourself.

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