Aquarium Fish Medicine

In this post we will discuss about common diseases and aquarium fish medicine

Aquarium Fish Medicine
Aquarium fish medicine

Before starting the treatment we should have a knowledge about the disease which fish is having. We will do filtration systems, lighting etc for fishes but we donot much care about their diseases.

In normal case if any disease comes we will put aquarium salt or methylene blue in to the aquarium. It can be considered only as a basic prevention. If fungus infection or any major diseases are coming their is no use for these medicines. Methylene blue are basically used for fishes laying eggs to protect the fish and eggs from fungal infection.

We can go in detail about each aquarium fish medicine

Mr. Green- Aquarium fish medicine

This medicine is used mainly for avoiding fungal infections and for common disease called white spot. This medicine should be applied as 1 ml for 20 ltrs of water. Before adding the medicine the bottle should be shaked well. Also what ever medicines we use you should follow the instructions mentioned in it.

2. Mr. Yellow – Aquarium fish medicine

This medicine is used for fish gill rot ,tail rot and fin rot disease. As per the medicine instruction 1 ml should be added to 5 litre water. Try to add 1 ml medicine to 10 ltr water so that fishes will not have any stress.

3. Mr. White – Aquarium fish medicine

It is an anti parasite medicine. It is suitable for parasites and protozoan disease in fish. Its dosage is 1.2 ml for 100 ltr water.

4. Aqua safe – Chlorine remover

This medicine is used for removing chlorine in the aquarium water. If the water contains chlorine the fish will get dead. 1 ml can be added to 5 ltr of water. This medicine will not harm plants or fishes in the aquarium.

5. Paracidol – FW Advanced medicine

This medicine is suitable for disease like white spot, anchor worm, fish lice, gill flukes, arowana fish parasites . It is suitable for discus fish discoloration and parasites, gold fish parasites etc. It is a main medicine for koi sleeping disease , Infected fish lie at the bottom of the ponds without showing any interest in food or swimming. 1ml need to be added for 5 ltr water . This is the level for high size fishes like arowana, koi fish, flower horn etc. For small fishes like guppy, platy etc. we can add 1ml to 10 ltr of water.

If the disease is affected to the fish try to separate the fish to another tank and add medicine. Also the disease will have affected the common tank fishes where the fish was present. So add medicine in that common tank in a low dosage level.

We have to add this medicine 3 to 7 days for this fish. In the first day we will have to do 50 % water change. In the coming days we need to change only 25% water. When doing this if we are having filter systems try to avoid them and only provide aeration in the tank. Also this is a fresh water medicine so do not try this medicine in a salt water aquarium.

6. Bactonil FW- Aquarium Fish Medicine

It is an anti bacterial medicine. It is mainly used for internal bacterial attacks in fishes. This medicine is useful for mouth ulcer, eye complaint like cloud eye ,pop eye , small skin problems due to fight, fin rot etc .This can also given for color dim problems.

7 . Stress Heal- Aquarium fish medicine

When we are applying these advanced medicines and due to fight between fishes they will be in stressed condition .To get rid of the stress stress heal is used.

Also if we are transporting fishes it will be having stress. That can be avoided by adding this medicine. This medicine can also be used for ammonia and chlorine controlling . It can be used for fresh water as well as marine water. For normal use 1 ml need to be added to 10 ltr water. For fish transportation you can add 1 ml to 5 ltr water.

As we give importance to filtration and food, same importance need to be give n to medicines also. If any of the disease are spotted same time we will have to start the treatment. So all these medicines we had mentioned here are basic part of an aquarium keepr. Here i will give the link for these medicines.

I hope this article was informative to you . Please also check different types of fish food available online

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