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When keeping aquarium fish fish food is a major part. Good quality and proteins content foods should be given for fishes. This will enhance their growth and color.

In this article we will discuss about different types of fish foods. For each fishes fish food will be different. For angel fishes tetrabits will be best food, for gold fishes Hikari will be best , for guppies Hikari fancy guppy food.

In way all these foods will cost you money. Giving all these top rated foods will empty your pockets very fast. So in this article i will give details of live fish foods which can be given to all fishes, which is equally important in quality and proteins content compared with other foods

  1. Moina culture
  2. Daphnia Culture
  3. Micro worms
  4. Vinegar eels
  5. Infusoria
  6. paramecium

This will be a little bit lengthy article . Then also you can save a lot of money culturing live fish food.

Moina Culture

Culturing of fish fries requires live fish foods. In earlier days Rotifers and artemia was used for culturing marine as well as fresh water fish fries. But the cost was not ok for developing countries. Based on experiments moina was found out and tried in various environments ,and at last found that it is the cheapest live feed for fries.

Moina Culture

Ok lets discuss how we can grow moina for our fishes. First you will require a starter culture. You have to purchase it from your nearest aquarium. Otherwise search on olx. There are plenty of fish farmers who are selling moina and other starter cultures.

When the culture is ready next we require is a bucket or container for culturing moina. Fill it 3/4th normal water. Next requirement is yeast. It is the feed for moina. Take a little yeast and add it into a glass of water. wait for 10 to 15 minutes. It will become white in color. Using a net filter the water and add it to the water which we had taken in the bucket.

The water will turn to a milky color. This is the environment required for the moina .

Next is to add the culture we had purchased in to the container. After adding the culture cover the lid of the container with a cloth or small net. This is to avoid the entry of mosquito or other bacteria in to the culture.

Moina hatched

With in 3 to 5 days the Moina will reproduce in the tank . Thousands of Moina will be produced. Using a net we can capture the moina’s produced. After that wash the moina with fresh water and we can serve to fishes.

When you are culturing moina ,try to do it in multiple containers. So that if any culture crashes you will get a back up.

This food can be given to fish fries and guppy fishes.

Daphnia Culture – Fish food

It is very similar to moina culture. But compared to moina it is bigger in size. They are not suitable for fries.

Daphnia culture

The procedures are very much similar to moina . Yeast is the major food for daphnia. Here i will share video of one of the most famous youtuber “Dexters world” . He is showing a different system. If you are having enough space in your backyard and also if you are having more fishes ,this will be a good option.

Try to do the culturing of daphnia in multiple tanks, if any culture crashes other cultures will be saved.

Daphnia Culture

Micro Worm Culture


Arrange a small plastic container. Make a small hole in the cap of the container. Cover the hole with a small cloth for air passage.

Take 3 to 4 slices of bread. Remove the border brown color coating from the bread . Make the bread in to small pieces and put it in the container.

Add a little bit of water in to it. So that the bread will become in to a paste form . Purchase microworm culture from breeders and add 1 or 2 table spoons of micro worm culture in to the bread.

Now close the container and keep it in a safe place. After 3 to 4 days you can see that the micro worms moving in the walls of the container.

Collect the culture using a ear buds or similar material and you can directly feed to fish fries. When the bread added is getting lower add few slices of bread. By this you can maintain culture of micro worms.

Vinegar Eel Culture – Fish Food

Vinegar eel

Vinegar eels are used to create vinegar. They are now a days famous for treating as baby fish food . Items required for making culture are as follows

  1. Apple cedar vinegar
  2. 1 plastic jar
  3. water
  4. a few pieces of apple
  5. vinegar eel culture
  6. Filter paper

As informed we need to take 1 glass of water. As the same quantity we will have to add vinegar also. ie 1:1 propotion.

Add 1 glass water in to the container. Add 1 glass of apple cedar vinegar in to it. Next we need to add the mother culture of vinegar eel in to it. Add the culture in to it. Add 4 to 5 pieces of small sliced apple in to it. Cover the container with a cloth having air passage gap. With in 1 week the vinegar eels will be ready.

The major advantage compared with other live feeds are if we had set like this we need to add a new culture or do maintain of the culture after 6 months only. All other methods requires regular maintenance with in 3 to 4 days of regular feeding, water changing etc. Incase of vinegar eels we can collect eels daily from the culture and no maintenance is required at all .

Next we can look in to feeding. For this we will require filter paper. Place a glass .Above that we need to make the filter paper in to a cone shape and keep it above the glass. Add the eel culture vinegar solution produced in to it slowly. It is a time taking process because the vinegar will fall slowly in to the glass , filtering the eels from it.

After the vinegar has gone completely in to the glass. Take the filter paper and put it in a glass of water. You will be able to see vinegar eels moving in water. This is the process of collecting vinegar eels.

This you can feed to fish fries also. While checking the vinegar if their is shortage add a little .

Infusoria Culture


Infusoria is best food for new born baby fishes. Infusoria is not a micro organism but a group of micro organisms like protozoa, algae, paramecium etc. So a group of these micro organisms are called infusoria.

Take a little bit of our aquarium water . Collect some old banana leaves, plant leaves etc .Take a basin. Add the aquarium water in to it. Put these old leaves in to it. Place this in an area where direct sun light should not hit ,also close the container with a lid with a small air gap.

dried banana leaves

After 5 days check the container. Collect the infusoria using a cloth or small net. This can feed to new gold fish fries, angel fries, fighter fries etc

Paramecium Culture – Fish Food

Paramecium is a part of infusoria. For culturing paramecium following need to be arranged.

  1. Infusoria culture or paramecium culture
  2. Hot water
  3. Milk
  4. 1 litre bottle

First 1 litre of water need to boiled and keep it for cooling. After that take a 1 ltr pet bottle and put some small holes in the cap. Add the cooled water in to it. After that add the culture in to it. Put 1 or 2 drops of milk in to it and close the cap.

This is a simple culture method. We need to feed the paramecium once in a week. In every week put 1 or 2 drops of milk in to it. No need for caring like we do for moina or daphnia.

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