Aquarium air pump buying guide 2021

Aquarium air pump

Similar to human being fishes also require oxygen. For bigger size fishes high quantity of oxygen is required . For small fishes less quantity of oxygen is required. In this article we will discuss about best aquarium air pump suitable for you .

When the quantity of oxygen in water is less a few symptoms will be shown by fishes are.

  1. The fishes will move very slowly
  2. Have only limited food
  3. Try to open their mouth wider and coming to surface to take oxygen.
  4. Trying to form small bubbles in the surface of water

If these symptoms are shown by fishes try to change the water quantity in an aquarium by at least 50 %. This can also happen if the ammonia content in water is high. Also give aeration from one unit or multiple units till the fishes are stable.

If the aeration in an aquarium is low this can reduce the growth of fishes and also the color of fish will be faded. Oxygen level affect the health of a fish drastically.

If we are adding more fishes in a small space this can reduce the oxygen content. If their is no movement of water happening chances of reduction of oxygen is there. If we are doing live plant aquarium with low lighting ,their is chances for oxygen reduction.

Ok now we can discuss what time aeration need to be given. If their is less fishes in the tank. Aeration is only required during day time. During night time fishes will be in sleeping mode, try to avoid disturbing the fishes in night by switching on aeration.

If the quantity of fishes are higher in limited space the aeration should not be stopped. Otherwise chances of death is there.

Here i will discuss about the best aquarium air pump available online for your reference

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