Breeding and caring of aquarium angel fish

In this topic we will discuss about angel fish- types, caring, breeding ,feeding etc

Angel fish

Angel fishes are a major part of an aquarium. They are not like any other ornamental fishes. They will not get paired like other fishes if we put a male and a female. They will get paired automatically. Also they will not attack any fishes even guppy fish. Like any other fishes they will not eat their fries.

Gender Identification

  1. In case of male fish their will be a hump on the head. Female fish do not have hump on head.
  2. Female fish stomach will be little bulged compared with male fish.
  3. Female fish will be low size compared with male fish.
  4. Their will be a tube developed for male and female fishes after 6 months of growth. It will be sharp and thin for male fish and female will be small and round shaped.

Angel fish breeding

Identifying an angel pair is a little difficult for starters. So while purchasing angel fish from a local shop try to purchase 6 to 10 pieces. 6 months to 9 months old angel are best suitable for breeding. When we put all angels together. In a few days we can see that if the angels are paired, they will move to a corner of the tank and will not allow other angel fishes to disturb them. From this we can finalize that they are pairs.

First thing we will have to do is to catch the pairs and keep them in a new tank. The major things to be considered are regular cleaning or top up of water. In good water condition only angel fishes will lay eggs. Also we will have to make ready an artemia culture because angel fries will eat only artemia in their starting period.

We will have to put a tile or pipe piece inside the tank in a 45 deg angle. This is set up for angels to lay eggs. Otherwise they will lay eggs in the tank surface or floors. When angel fish start to clean the pipe or tile surface we can finalize that they are going to lay eggs.

They will take only 3 to 4 hours to lay eggs. In case of normal marble angels they will lay around 500 to 800 eggs. Albino and other types will lay 300 – 500 eggs.

After angel fishes lay eggs on the surface we can do two methods ie, let the eggs hatch along with the parents. Otherwise we can shift the eggs to a separate tank and hatch them in another tank. If you are keeping it as hobby then it is better to keep the eggs along with parents. If you are a breeder then you can shift the eggs. If the pairs are a good one they will lay eggs every 10 to 15 days. If we are keeping the eggs with parent angels then they will not go for new eggs. They will take care of the eggs. Minimum 1 to 1.5 months will take for new egg laying process.

We can take the condition of hatching eggs along with parents. In this case the eggs will get hatched with in 2 to 3 days. You have to set up an artemia culture ready during that period. Minimum 2 to 3 weeks you will have to feed the babies artemia. This you can do twice or thrice a day. Try to put the hatched artemia near to the baby fishes. Because in case of high breed angels like albino’s their babies will be not that much stronger to catch the artemia. The parents will try to attack us during feeding period.

In case of hatching the eggs separately, you have to consider following factors.

  1. First arrange a basin, having a height of minimum 3 inches
  2. Same water where the egg was layed.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide or methylene blue
  4. Artemia for feeding
  5. Aeration

First, we have to fill the basin with the water where egg was layed. Based on water quantity you have to add methylene blue or hydrogen peroxide a little. Stir the water well. Place the egg laid on the tile or pipe in to it,it should be fully dipped in the water. A small aeration need to be added into the basin. Note that the aeration should not be near to the eggs.

With in 2 days the eggs will hatch start to free provide artemia as required to babies. You can feed the fries 2 to 3 times a day based on requirement. Do not over feed.

Angel Fish Food

The best fish foods for angels are live foods, frozen artemia, flakes etc. If you are going for breeding tetra bits is a must try food for angel fish. It will give good growth and produce healthy eggs.

Some of our friends says that angel babies are getting dead faster. This is because of giving low protein foods. Try to give protein rich foods for parents so they will produce heathy eggs and the issue will be solved.

The common angel diseases are

  1. Dropsy

This occurs due to a bacteria normally in aquarium tanks. If the angel fish health is bad chances of getting infected is fast. The symptoms are

  1. Bloated appearance and protruding eyes;
  2. Scales sticking out;
  3. Rapid gill breathing;
  4. Loss of appetite

First, we need to separate the angel fish and keep it in a separate tank. Add Epsom salt as required in the tank. Normally the fish will get ok. Otherwise add some anti-bacterial medicines.

  • Ich /White spot

Due to sudden changes in water or temperature may result in this disease. Small white spots or tiny outbreaks will appear in the body of angel fish. Other symptom is fish rubbing its body to other objects in the aquarium.

Solution is to increase the temperature in water using a heater, add some anti parasite medicine, adding salt to water.

  • Fin rot

This is happening due to bad water condition. If you are keeping angel fishes water changing is a must. It is recommended to change water 10 % every day. At least try to change the water fully weekly once.

 It is better to avoid that fish which is affected. The cells which are damaged will not heal again. Try for some antibiotic medicines.

  • Velvet disease

Velvet Disease is an infection caused by the parasite Piscinoodinum, which attacks the body of the fish forming a cyst in the natural slime coating of the angelfish and then erupting through the skin.

Separate the fish from the tank and treat using slat and other anti biotic medicines

These are few common diseases happening in case of angel fish.

I hope this article given you a basic idea about angel fish , breeding, diseases etc. Please share your thoughts and information with us. Also please comment your angel fish type if you are keeping one.

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