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Hi, Friends in this article we will discuss about a community fish named zebra danios fish and its breeding.

Zebra Danios Fish – General Details

Zebra Fish

Zebra fish is also named as zebra danios fish. It is a fresh water fish. It is said that this fish has regenerative capacity that means if any injury occurs it will get healed within 2 to 3 days. Zebra fish is called as schooling fish that means they moves as a group and swims in the same direction. So try to buy minimum 10 fishes for an aquarium. So it will be beautiful for an aquarium.

For a minimum of 6 fishes, 10 gallons or 37 liters should be needed for keeping zebra fishes. It is an easy caring fish, not required much care compared to normal guppy fishes. PH for the water should be 6.5 to 7.2 maintained. The comfortable temperature for fish is from 18 deg to 25 deg Celsius. It is actually a cold water fish. So if the temperature is very down then also no issues will happen. Its growth is from 2 to 3 inches.

It is a very active fish, also a community fish so can be grown along with other fishes. It can be put along with guppies, bettas, angel fishes etc. It is an egg laying fish.  It will be active and moves mainly in the surface areas of aquarium. It is named as zebra fish because of the zebra type lines or stripes in its body.

It is an omnivore’s fish, will eat veg and non veg items. If live foods are given it will grow fast and will have good color. It also have flake foods, pellet food etc.

Male and female fish have the same stripe pattern. In zebra fishes male fishes are smaller compared to female fishes. Female fishes will be having big stomach and male fish stomach will be flat.

If you are beginner to fish breeding, then zebra fish is a must try, as not much care is required for growing zebra fishes. It is having good demand in market.

Zebra Danios fish Breeding

If planning for breeding zebra fish buy minimum 10 fishes from aquarium shop. 5 males, 5 females. It can breeded in aquarium tank easily. First you will have to put floor height in the aquarium by keeping tiles or pebbles. After that we will have to place a small hole net above it. Mosquito net is also best for it. One condition to be considered is the tank should be fully covered with the net. Otherwise the zebra fish will enter into the bottom.

Why we are doing like this is zebra fishes are laying eggs. They will eat their eggs if not properly protected. When we raise the floor level and put the shade net in aquarium, the zebra lays eggs and the eggs goes below the net and they cannot eat the eggs. Otherwise you can keep the zebra fishes in a breeding cage. That is also a better option.

After setting up your tank introduce the fishes in to it. If it is the right time the male fishes will start chasing the female fishes. The eggs will start falling in to the basement of aquarium through the hole net. In normal case a female fish will put around 300 eggs.

After eggs are laid shift the parent eggs from the tank. Within 3 days the eggs will hatch. After 2 days of hatching they will start free swim. It is better to feed the fishes live feeds like infusoria, artemia etc for 10 to 15 days.

Zebra fish Types

Pink Zebra Fish

Different varieties of zebra /Danio fishes are available in market .Few of them are

  1. Pearl fish
  2. Spotted fish
  3. Glow light fish
  4. Cross banded fish
  5. Celestial pearl fish
  6. Leopard fish
  7. Rosy fish
  8. Gold ring fish
  9. Blue fish
  10. Gold zebra fish
  11. Pink zebra fish
  12. Green zebra fish

I hope this article had given you a basic idea about zebra fishes, types and their breeding. If you are having zebra fishes at your home. Please comment the type you have.

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