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guppy fish

The Guppy fish is also named as million fish and rainbow fish. It is one of the most popular fresh water fish. Guppies do not lays egg, it is a live bearer. Guppy fish originate in north east South America. It is now found all over the world. It get used to almost all types of water conditions. Male guppies are always smaller than female, but they are beautiful compared to female guppy fishes.

Guppy fish care

Compared to other fishes guppy fish is very small. So water requirement compared with other fishes are very less. For 1 guppy fish 4 litres of water is sufficient. In a 40 ltr’s aquarium you can keep up to 7 to 10 guppies. By adding filtration and live plants you can increase the fishes in your aquarium. By doing this the toxic of fish waste will get reduced and you do not need to change the water frequently. But weekly water change is good for your fish health.

While putting fish in to aquarium I recommend 1 :3 ratio .ie, 1 male and 3 females. This will give the female fishes enough time to rest and recover as male will be fulltime behind the female fish.

Guppy fishes live in almost all water. Then also following parameters if maintained will keep the fishes healthy. The ideal temperature for guppy fish is 22-28 deg c. Ph of the water is 6.8 to 7.8 .If you are providing tap water, keep the water for 1 day so that the chlorine content in water will get evaporated. Otherwise it is harmful for guppies.

Guppy fish feeding

Guppies will have a huge varities of food . Spirulina, flakes, frozen foods and live foods like artemia, moina, daphnia . Try to give different foods so that fishes will be heathy and gives good color. Feeding once is also ok. But do not over feed .Feed them again only after they had consumed the food. Otherwise the water will get contaminated. This will affect the fish which can cause diseases or even death of the fish.The fish waste are converted to ammonia. It will get converted to nitrite and nitrate by the bacteria’s . The plants in the tank will take the nitrate and keep the water and fish safe.This is the importance for keeping live plants in aquarium.

Filtration for aquarium

It is not necessary to put a filtration system for a guppy tank. The guppies can survive without a filter. Their should be sufficient plants inside a tank. Every people has a false knowledge that putting an air pump in a tank will give enough filtration. For filtration you will have to keep at least a sponge filter. By doing this their will be enough reduction in ammonia.

aquarium filtration

Guppy Breeding

Guppy fishes do not lay eggs. They are live bearers. They store their egg in the body and when it hatches it is released. A single female guppy can release 100- 120 babies. But we should keep the parent guppy in a cage or the aquarium should have enough plants. Otherwise the guppy eats its fries. Pregnancy of guppy happens every 20 – 30 days.

During pregnancy time female guppy belly become big and round. Their gravid spot will be come darker. The stomach will become bigger day by day until they release babies. When the female guppy is ready for birth it will start hiding in the plants or will go separate from other guppies and stay in a corner. During that time you can separate the female guppy and can keep in a breeding cage. So that when babies are released chances of eating guppy fry is reduced. After babies are released you can shift the female guppy back to old aquarium. No need to do any water change for the baby fries for a week until the water is dirty.

Guppy Fry Keeping

The baby guppies will be 6mm size and their mouth will be small. So do not feed them them what we had given to normal guppies. We can feed them a day 3 to 4 times. It is better to give live feeds like artemia for atleast 1 -2 weeks. As artemia is having high protein content the guppies growth will e very good and fast. After that we can go for spirulina or other flakes etc. You can also go for live feeds like daphnia, moina , vinegar eels etc. Their starter culture will be available in near by aquarium shops.

You can try for egg yolk if you do not have enough money. Boil the egg and remove the egg yolk .Make it in to paste adding water and give babies 1-2 times a day. Do not over feed it will make the water bad and can cause death of fries. So be careful while using egg yolk. Next we can discuss about different types of guppies

Guppy Fish Types

Elephant Ear Guppy (Dumbo Ear Guppy)

elephant guppy fish

The Dumbo Ear Dragon Guppy is famous for its bigger sized fins which resemble elephant-like ears. This guppy has various colors from blue, pink, green, crimson, orange and purple on its own tail tail. Like all guppies, the Dumbo Ear Dragon Guppy is a busy swimmer that adds color and motion to the freshwater area aquarium. Because of its hardiness, it’s tolerant of little changes in water parameters. But care ought to be taken to maintain temperature, pH, and nutrient levels in check.

The Dumbo Ear Dragon Guppy is a omnivore and demands the two algae-based foods as well as foods that are meaty. An algae-based flake meals, along with freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, along with brine shrimp provides guppies with the correct nourishment.

Half Black Guppy

half black guppy fish

The half of the guppy will be black in color including its tails. Its front side will be a silver grey color. The half black guppy is  one of the old guppies and half still demand in market.

Full Black Guppy

full black guppy fish

Full Black Guppy is one of the most popular guppies in market. Its body will be full black in color. The full black guppy movement in aquarium is a must watch thing. Due to its solid black color it is also called Jet black guppy

Dragon Guppy

dragon guppy fish

Dragon guppy as the name says it is having a pattern similar to the dragon. It is a very beautiful guppy . This guppies are available in variant colors like red blue etc. It is having a good demand in market

Electric Blue Guppy

electric blue guppy fish

Electric blue guppy  is a very beautiful guppy . When put in an aquarium with proper lighting it will give a wow feeling. As the name suggest it is having a dark blue full body color with big fan tails.

Albino Koi Guppy

albino koi guppy fish

Albino  koi guppies are new items to market. It is having red color in its head and also tail and body will be a silver white finish. Albino koi guppy females are more beautiful than male guppies. It is a worth for the money.

Tiger Guppy

tiger guppy fish

Tiger guppy is an outstanding guppy in the group. It is beautiful for its lines in its body similar to tiger prints. Because of it is popular in the guppy world. It’s absolutely suitable for a planted aquarium.

Yellow Guppy

yellow guppy fish

Yellow guppy are available in different types – Full gold, Yellow tuxedo,Yellow platinum etc

Albino Red Guppy

albino red guppy fish

Albino Red guppy is the master of the aquarium . The Albino full red guppy with full red in color and red eyes gives a superb look to your aquarium. As the fish is albino taking care of the fish is very difficult. The chances of death are high according to guppy breeders. Still this red guppy has high demand

Endler Guppy Fish

endler guppy fish

Endler guppy is very similar to common guppies. The name came for its cross end tails. It is also having good demand in market. But rate compared to other guppies it is less.

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