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While setting up an aquarium we will spend money on filter system, fishes etc. We are least bothered about the aquarium soil or substrate used in it.

Each packet of aquarium soil is costing more than Rs 2000. What is actually in an aquarium soil, soil right. So why should we spend money for soil .We can add soil from our outdoor and put in a planted tank. So why it is not happening . Let me tell some basics.

For example we are planting a Papaya tree . What we add as substrate for it. We use cow dung, leaf’s , manure etc. Why we should do it. It will grow right ? .

Yes it will grow but we will not get enough quantity of fruit or the growth of the tree will not be satisfactory. So considering a fruit plant growing in an abandoned area with out any nutrients and one growing in our yard with enough manure ,the result will be amazing. This is the case for aquarium soil also.

River Sand

Normal soil will not have any micro nutrients for the growth of aquatic plants. The plant growth will be less and the plants will get damaged. But if we are adding aquarium soil or aquarium substrate the growth of the plants will increase tremendously and will show good result.

Why we are planting aquatic plants in an aquarium

Aquarium Soil

First one is it will give a rich look to your aquarium. Seeing this you will get a good feel seeing the aquarium.

Next case is when we are adding plants in aquarium it will develop photosynthesis ,by this the plants starts growing. When photo synthesis happens the co2 formed by the fishes are in taken by the plants and by this level of co2 in tanks are reduced ,also the waste produced by fishes are in taken by the plants and by this the level of ammonia in water will be reduced .

When this photosynthesis happens oxygen is given out by plants and it is helpful for fishes to grow. By this an eco system is generated by fishes and plants. For this process photo synthesis is required.

If photo synthesis is not happening in an aquarium ,the level of co2 and ammonia will not be controllable and the plants will start to decay or become dead. By this the ammonia content in water will rise again and it will get in to the death of fishes also.

So as earlier said the plants require nutrients like potassium ,phosphorus ,iron, nitrate for better growth. So i hope you got an idea of the use of aqua soil or aquarium substrate in an aquarium. Here i will list down some of the best aquarium soil suitable for fish tank.

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