All about Amazon frogbit care and seeds

In this article we will discuss about amazon frogbit care and seeds.

Amazon frogbit is a hardy plant. It is an easy to grow plant. If we are adding this plant to our aquarium tank it will suck the ammonia and nitrite in the tank and increase our water quality. By this life span of our fishes also increase. Scientific name of amazon frogbit is Limnobium Laeviatum. The plant comes from central and south America.

The plant is having flat round leaves that floats on the surface of water. The plant produces a beautiful white flower when it becomes big. It is very beautiful. We can grow frogbit in both aquariums and ponds. When growing this plant we will have to take care of our fishes. Because this plant grows really fast and up to 18 -20 inches size. Due to this the oxygen content in the tank will become low and cause difficulty for the growth of our fishes.

Its ph is ranging from 6 -7.5.Snails love this plant. So avoid snails while growing this plant. This plant reproduction occurs by stem fragmentation.

How fast does Amazon Frogbit grow?

Normally amazon frog bit do not require co2 as it is a floating plant. You can add fertilizers for the fast growth. Normally reproduces in every 2 days. After that it will get separated from the mother plant. As earlier mentioned as stem fragmentation.

Is Frogbit good for aquarium?

They grow very quickly and start reproducing in 2 days. They will reduce the nitrates in the aquarium very fast and there by reduces the toxins in the aquarium. By this the plants get enough nutrient to grow faster. It gives a good look for your aquarium when these plant floats in the surface of water. So frogbit is good for your aquarium.

Can you trim Amazon Frogbit roots?

Yes we can trim the amazon frogbit roots. But while trimming the same keep atleast 2 to 3 inch length in the plant. This is for the plant to absorb nutrients from the water. The roots will start to grow with in 1 or 2 days

If you want to trim the plant. Take the plant from the aquarium and remove the old and yellow colored leaves from it by using your fingers. You can remove the roots with your fingers or you can use scissors to remove it correctly.

Does Amazon Frogbit multiply?

Amazon frogbit multiply through stem fragmentation. On searching the net it is saying that frogbit multiplies through flower pollination. I am not sure about that .But in my aquarium it is getting multiplied every 2 to 3 days.

Does frog bit need light?

It requires less light only. But as it is a floating plant and kept in an aquarium it will hit direct light from the aquarium light. As per the information from internet it says that 12 hours of lighting is ok for amazon frogbit.

Do turtles,snails and gold fish eat FrogBit?

Yes turtles , snails and gold fish love to eat frogbit. So better to avoid frogbit in a turtle aquarium. If you give proper food to gold fish they will not eat the plant.

So i hope this post gives details about amazon frogbit care

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