Day: February 27, 2021

Aquarium water Pump external

Details about Aquarium water Pump external Filter

Filtration is the back bone of an aquarium. If proper filtration is not there the life of fishes and other animals will be miserable. In this article we will discuss about a simple aquarium water pump external filter. We will introduce a simple hang on filter(aquarium water pump external) here . Compared with other hang […]

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java moss aquarium plant

Details about Java Moss Aquarium Plant

In tihis article we will discussing about a beautiful aquarium plant called Java moss. It is a hardy plant. It belongs to the family Hypnaceae. It is suitable for all types of fishes. It will survive in almost all temperatures. Growing this plant is very easy. The origin of this plant is from south east […]

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Aquarium Fish Medicine

Aquarium Fish Medicine

In this post we will discuss about common diseases and aquarium fish medicine Before starting the treatment we should have a knowledge about the disease which fish is having. We will do filtration systems, lighting etc for fishes but we donot much care about their diseases. In normal case if any disease comes we will […]

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