Day: February 18, 2021

aquarium glass cleaner

Aquarium Glass Cleaner

Hi Friends in this video we will discuss about an aquarium glass cleaner. It is available in different types. Here i am listing down three major companies who are supplying magnetic filters for aquarium. It is a must have item for your aquarium. It will remove the algae and other unwanted materials stuck to the […]

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aquarium top cover

Aquarium top cover making

Hi friends here we will discuss abot aquarium top cover making. I was checking online for aquarium products online. Everything is available online. Except one thing – Aquarium top cover. In this post i will give a brief description about making aquarium top cover and also some youtube videos with low cost materials I had […]

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Sobo aquarium filter

Sobo aquarium

Hi friends in this article we will discuss about a name which is now more familiar in aquarium industry- “Sobo”. Sobo aquarium filter are becoming more popular now a days. Also their filters are in very demand now a days. Zhongshan Songbao Electric Co., Ltd is a company formed in year 2005. It’s two main […]

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Aquarium filter


Hi friends in this article we will discuss about the best Aquarium filter suitable for your aquarium tank. For fish keeping when we purchase aquarium the first item to be purchased is aquarium filter. Because the clarity of the water is maintained by the filter. By adding a filter in an aquarium their will a […]

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Aquarium light

Aquarium Lighting

Hi Friends in this article we will discuss about aquarium light. Based on lighting conditions we can differentiate plants as Easy Plants – Low lighting is required Medium Plants – Medium lighting is required Advanced plants – Bright lights are required We can discuss in detail about these plants and their lighting requirement Lighting is […]

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